“WHAT KIND OF HUMAN BEING DOESN’T RECHARGE FUCKING RECHARGABLE BATTERIES?!” — the best thing that Nathan Sykes has ever said (via illegalsykes)

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so he didn’t change it himself..?

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Mathan in Wanted World Web Chat 10/24/2013

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Does anyone know a free tumblr saviour for phones?

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AU meme → You’re in a relationship with Jay (Specially made for my babe’s birthday, Valentina :))

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my drawing

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I dont care about calves. Its thighs that Im into! Nathans calves arent that thin. They are bigger than Tom and Siva's. And undoubtfully bigger than my lady legs.

hahaa, i guess, i think siva’s are muscley though.. and Tom’s are just thin full stop.

His legs are full of meat

His thighs are but I think his calves are quite skinny tbh